Marriages… [Post -3]

In continuation to my earlier blog Marriages are made in heaven… yet… and Marriages… [Post -2] mode 3 of marriage experiences that I have had: It’s the marriages of your siblings.
Yes, it’s your sister’s marriage. And as a responsible brother as one could become, you shall be running around arranging everything. In my case most the issues were well planned and executed by my dad and all I had to do was manage it well.
I didn’t want to get myself engaged to dodge the questions from relatives since I was anyhow thoroughly busy and pre-occupied with stuffs and things to do. Had the welcoming of guests to be done, guiding them to their place of stay overnight, and serving the evening snacks,  dinner, getting stuffs missed out from shops and so on.
And to add to all this the wedding eve was rainy. There was heavy downpour. And I had to go to my mother’s home 6 kms away to collect ‘pookula’, tender coconuts & other stuffs, and I was fully drenched by the time I returned in the Honda Activa that I rode. It was a gr8 experience. (it’s not that I’ve not drenched in rain before. But when you are working at a place where mercury touches 45 deg C in Summer and rains are very rare, any shower is welcome! 😛 )
But it was nice and fun. Again as in my previous post I had cited about being with relatives and how delightful it is..
And there was a moment of joy. It was when she wanted some bangles that matched her wedding saree and I had gone to get it for her. After going around in more than 6 shops I finally found them. It matched almost perfectly. 😛 Some aunts asked whether it’s my “experience in buying” such gifts for the ‘special’ one. One of my aunt reminded me that as a kid I used to say I shall be buying my sister handful of bangles for her marriage. Though not in gold, I did buy bangles to her like and ‘match’ (as to saree).. That did bring me some joy to all the proceedings.

Rest of the function that day went well.. The marriage which as always, is taken over by the Camera & Video guys, The lunch (though I couldn’t enjoy well), and the bidaai (we went along to drop her at Saji’s home). Plus I had my time spent introducing my ‘would-be’  (Some of my aunts later complained about not introducing them properly to her 😛 .. I was lucky enough to get their names right. And I’m pretty sure she too would hardly recollect 5 names of those she met then)

And its really nice to have a 6+ foot tall brother-in-law. And my sister found him for us.  Someone is there finally for me to ‘look-up-to’ 🙂 I’m really happy for her.
Wishing them a joyful and happy married life, this blog is dedicated to my sister Sreedevi and my brother-in-law Saji.

(I know that they don’t know of me blogging. But I’m sure my velyamma will let out the news through facebook)

PS: Its been quite long since Leo had asked me to blog about marriage experiences. I’ve been very slow in responding though! But rest assured, next post ll take more time. (Got to get “approval” too!!)

4 thoughts on “Marriages… [Post -3]

  1. Leo

    Good that you are recording these memories over here. These small lil incidents are those which will stay in your mind after long, and you are gonna cherish al of those. Keep’em cming 🙂


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