Movie Review – Ravanan

I opted to watch Tamil Version of Ravan under the influence of Mani Ratnam being a Tamil film maker and he would deliver movie better in that context. Also I was slightly apprehensive of Jr Bachchan’s acting.
So I went to watch Ravanan on Sunday at PVR Cinemas, Baroda.
To a certain extent I liked the movie. Its very well elegantly taken and a treat to the viewer’s eye. The movie experience is more like ‘One goes to a dietician for weight loss and he offers you a bowl of sweets. You are confused whether to take it or not.’ Similar is the experience with Ravanan. You have the stars acting with brilliant cinematography and locations in the background. A times you tend to observe the background that the so called ‘acting’.

Cinematography – Awesome cinematography by Santosh Sivan and V Manikandan. Truely captivated by the way they have shot and captured the forests and waterfalls of Ooty (Tamil Nadu) and Chalakudy (Kerala)

Locations – Well chosen

Soundtracks – A R R rocks. That says it all

Background Music – Also the background music has a great feel when it flows along with the cinematography.

Vikram’s Acting – A fine actor that he is, yet again proves his potential. He was at his expressive best. Elegantly played the role of Ravanan.

Priyamani’s screen presence – Though a very limited time space given for her to act, Priyamani does it in style. Nice performance to

Lyrics – Vairamuthu’s lyrics are fabulous and have a great feel. Loved “Usure poguthey”

Aiswarya Rai’s acting – Terrible. It’s very sad to say that she has tried to compensate that with low-cut salwars and dresses. You tend to observe the scenic beauty in the background rather than see her act and it’s truly worth it. She seemed totally out of focus while delivering dialogues at times.

Screenplay / Dialogues – Not so good execution. Suhasini Mani Ratnam could’ve made it better.
Pace of the Movie – There are times when almost everything on screen is motionless / expressionless. And you tend to look at your watch again & again.

Wide Star Cast – The ensembles included Prabhu, Karthik, Prithviraj, Munna does their job of acting. And that’s it. Nothing very striking about them. Pritviraj could’ve performed better.

Ramayana – The movie draws parallels to Ramayana. You have Vikram as ten faced Ravanan Lets keep it to the character that is. Ravanan is a poet, a singer, a lover, a fighter, a family-man, cares for the down-trodden, a rebel, an avenger and what not… Pritviraj as Ram has a overcast image of being shrewd, cunning, loving, dedicated, diligent person… Aiswarya as Sita is revealed as someone tormented between ram and ravanan, her emotions and feelings towards Ravanan quite apparent. Karthik as Hanuman, the aide-de-camp to Ram, a forest officer who jumps around trees and goes deep into Ravanan’s lair to meet Sita. Munna as Vibheeshana does his small part satisfactorily. Priyamani as Surpanakha is one reason why Ravanan has become a rebel and tries to avenge her death and the shame that Lakshmanan brought to the family (this part was more appropriate to explain Ravanan’s act as to abduct sita. Did actually “Lakshmanan cut Surpanakha’s nose” or was it a figure of speech then? The story over the time, when the divinity of Lords augmented, might have actually misrepresented the truth.

Some characters just dawn on you and you start to compare them with characters of Ramayana.

Overall Ravanan is an average watch. But make sure you have a whole lot of popcorn to do enough time pass.
I’ll rate a 5.5 / 10


5 thoughts on “Movie Review – Ravanan

  1. jina

    I read all of ur posts. Was waiting to comment on it.:)
    And like the comprehensive review.
    I actually loved the movie and went for both of em despite dire warnings..:)


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