Marriages are made in heaven… yet…

its celebrated down here… enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime.
Whatever be, the family functions are a time to recollect & refurbish old forgotten memories, enjoy the company of relatives, have a joke or two.. Keep a smiling face,.. Trying to recognize who’s who & what is where (in my case that is.. 😛 I don’t re-cllect names or people though I can recognize their faces)..
Well it’s always a great time even for a person who is not so social in his approach… That’s what marriages or such functions can do.. It is a time for re-union.. People, relatives, families, neighbours and many come together and discuss and gossips over their old n current stats..
My pal Leo ( asked me to write a blog on the marriage experience and life after marriage. Now that’s something I should consider writing now. And it should have been my first post rather than a Movie Review of The Karate Kid.
This post is hereby tagged for you Leo [My b’day gift to you] 🙂 “You are NEXT!!” (You would have heard these punch-lines recently during your bro’s marriage)
Anyways here goes
Marriage experiences are of four kinds (as far as I know) – Firstly and mostly are marriages of cousins and relatives, and then we have marriages of our friends, and then comes marriages of our own siblings and finally being one’s own marriage.
And as of now I’ve experienced all the 4 modes. I’d make these short and thus wouldn’t bring Yawns to the readers. Also please note: I’m only mentioning my experiences as to Marriages in Kerala and not focusing on one religion. Marriages are moments of joy and happiness whether it is held at a Hall, Temple or Church.
To start with, let me just brush through my favourite out of the four: Attending Marriages of Friends
And the main reason for this is obviously FRIENDS. They form a very integral part of your life. Whether in touch or not, I believe friendship never loses its shine. And marriages are just the time to polish up the memories. Friends and Re-union and that too over a bachelor party form the best of the times. Meeting other Friends (some meetings are like finding your long lost brother). Initial hugs and handshakes and then over to discussions of what you do, where you are.. then it leads to discussions of information of other pals. As to where they are and what they do.. Discussions slowly loses pace and then bitching about current job and bosses start.. but over 2-3 drinks we are like ‘back to school/college’ and laughs, chatter are all about those good old days, the pranks did, the ragging sessions, the comments and events and what not. In between we get a chance to meet the “Groom” and teases him and reminds him of the days at school/college and warns him of shouting it out to the “Bride” just before wedding, so that she gets to ‘know’ the groom and all that he would’ve said over telephone and mobile or chat are just fake! Its real fun to pull his legs (Frankly speaking: I’ve faced that situation too, very recently). The worst part is Groom is only around you for 10-15 minutes. He will be busy on the wedding eve. And we miss him in ‘action’.
The wedding day is just another day, again comments passed when he dresses up. Groom introduces us to his parents and family and adding “they were here for Bachelor’s Party yesterday”. That’s one moment of success for the groom over his pals, always. And we just shy off with a sheepish smile on our face. Marriage function as such is dominated by photographers and videographers, so we sit in a corner and watch the proceedings with occasional comments. Some ‘Chronic Bachelors’ have their time scrutinizing, as if they would find a partner from the crowd. 😛 A photo session, a nice lunch and a few minute of chit-chat with the ‘Couple’ and it’s time to part. Assuring that we shall surely be attending the next-in-line’s marriage and a word to keep in touch, we depart.
It’s always fun to be at a friend’s marriage and I believe almost all will agree to me.
[to be continued…]
hope I can finish off this post in a week’s time.
Expecting a comment from my dear friend Manu too.

6 thoughts on “Marriages are made in heaven… yet…

  1. Manu

    It is awesome to attend a marriage where you can count both the bride and the groom as friends 🙂 maybe this is the 5th kind!

  2. Leo

    Menane, good start & thx for this post. I really missed being there for ur marriage to pull ur legs (or mundu ? :P). Was going through your marriage pix & felt like almost being there. You both make wonderful pair & wish you both all the best for a beautiful life together.

    Its fun to attend friend’s marriage or sibling’s marriage. A great occasion for re-uniting with old pals & relatives (ok, not much i like this part though ;). Bro’s marriage this year ws gr8 too. Had many old relatives coming up to me saying…’You are next’…. shud tke revenge wen i see them next in any funeral, will go up and say… ‘You are next’ 😀 😀

    Luking fwd to nxt part 🙂


    1. Sreenath Menon Post author

      Thanks again for the wishes leo.
      And abt the not attending part: No worries.. u’ll have ur chance..oops.. I’ll ve mine! I’ll do all that on you on your behalf (like pulling leg / mundu :P)
      So I can say “You are Next” 🙂

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