My Last Post!!!

YES.. This probably is going to be my last post..

Enough is Enough.. I’ve had too much time with my pals, friends, families….

There should be a certain limit to anything and everything..

There are times when life just goes on and on.. But it is Life!

"Live life to the Fullest", they say.. Yes.. I’ve decided just that..

So here it ends..

Everything Ends..

For a new Beginning Elsewhere..

My Last post as a Bachelor…

I’m Getting Married (Some say the right word is ‘getting hitched’ ) .. I’d never know.. All I’ll say is I’m Happy! Really Happy

All I know is.. I’m getting married to someone I know very well.. Someone who understands me… To be right,.. We understand each other pretty well.. We trust each other.

I’ve decided to "Live life to the Fullest" with her…

Trust is the base for all relationships.. It lays foundation to all other virtues concreted in between with Love.

This May 24, 2010, I’ll have her beside me, join our hands and hearts as one..

We shall start a new saga and begin our ‘Happily Ever After’

4 thoughts on “My Last Post!!!

  1. Antony Fernandez

    A happy marriage means these things . .

    Sharing little happenings
    Soft words, a smile, a hug, a pat
    An “over-morning-coffee” chat
    Patience, warmth and understanding
    And never being too demanding.

    A happy marriage means all this . .
    Encouragement, a little kiss
    Lots of pride in one another
    Being honest with each other.

    A happy marriage is love and laughter
    And living happily ever after.

    Wish you Peace, Love & God’s Grace.


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