Movie Review – Housefull

Dear Mr. Sajid – I’m very unhappy with the movie.
Have you watched Mr. Bean? if no buy a DVD or watch some of the TV channel that airs the show. It will make you laugh better. And some gigs were taken directly from Hollywood movies. Wonder why Animal Activists didn’t make a fuss about the parrot, tiger and the monkey! They might have sympathized themselves for watching the movie.
Not even the "laugh track" in the movie (thanks to Santa-Banta & Nitrous Oxide) which makes even the Queen Elizabeth laugh but not the audience. If the producer had considered what Santa-Banta had done and did the same to the Theatre AC system, the audience might have had a laugh then. You can see better ‘sweetening’ / ‘laugh tracks’ in sitcoms.
The movie which has slapstick humor are all dim-witted, never brings out a real laugh. Well, there are some light moments but overall the movie cannot be called as an ‘entertainer’. Chunkey Pandey scenes are okie. Its been a very regular on the menu for comedy movies to be served for mistaken identities.
If not for the songs "apni toh jaise taise" and "oh girl u’r mine" the movie would have flopped further. Jacqueline looked awe in the song sequence.
After watching the movie we shall have a sense of feeling that the ‘panvati’ hero has cast his bad luck on audience too..
The heroines look hot in bikini clad dresses. That’s all the producer could afford after arranging for such a cast and locations. Ritesh and Akshay seemed to be a better pair than they being with their heroines.
Italy has been taken beautifully on Camera. That’s a good point to be noted in the movie.
Finally the merry-go-round slap sequences and the Akshay-monkey slaps-fights are nothing but symbolically representing the audience who are taking the beating.

Please avoid the movie if you get a chance to do so!!! There is nothing new in this movie to offer the audience.


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