A nice weekend spent ..

Disclaimer: This post shall be more like a diary entry.. Those who proceed, proceed at their own risk.. Ensure that this post won’t be a touchstone for the posts I’ll ve in future or that I had posted in the past. A few names mentioned here are without their knowledge or approval. Any resemblance to writing style which may be attributable to Sidin Vadakut after reading his book “Dork” is purely coincidental, afterall this is also a kind of diary entry and for this, no royalty charges shall be paid: P …

Weekend that was from March 26, 27 and 28 went really good for me..
March 26 (Baroda)
Office went well for the day… without much of the regular hiccups that occur.. Except for the long wait for a mail and specification which never arrived, I left for home at 8.15pm.
The time in between I had made my plans with Leo about visiting him at Ahmedabad for the weekend through twitter. I couldn’t finalise it then coz I had my bike to be serviced on Saturday and had some work at Bank. So I had told him I’ll confirm about it tomo. 🙂 And since I believe he too was to be busy for the day he said okie. 🙂
With my roomie’s bike I went back home. Nice warm breeze of the city summer brushed against my ride. But the climate seemed to be pleasant enough.
I had to head home fast and then proceed to a colleague’s place, for he had “arranged” treat for his b’day party 🙂
Was actually not in a mood to “be attentive” to the party but joined the others..
Always such parties with colleagues are fun.. We all chit chat of anything and everything.. but I do ensure we don’t start bitching of office stuffs..
Coz bitching about office has always had a viral effect.. It spreads fast and lead to more complications.. 🙂 ..
When I had my party limited to 2 rounds (Rounds are much more than large normally 🙂 )… I wanted to play for tomo’s cricket.
Two guys got into the groove pretty soon and pretty nicely.. Had chats on Cinema, Actors, Places, and even Obama… it was fun listening..
We went out for a walk and to search for dinner at about 11.30 … found a nice sugarcane vendor and I had a Juice.. Sugarcane juice over the drinks are nice I’d say.. A feel good experience. truely.
Then dinner was nice.. The restauranter had to close it by 12.00 .. we convinced him to slightly delay n went on till abt 12.30 or 1 .. Went back to room to have a good sound sleep and that I had.
A drink or two surely let u sleep well..
March 27 (Baroda – Ahmedabad)
Day started at 6.. Got up and ran off to play Cricket..
Was fun.. Was able to ball pretty well.. Really happy with my performance, though we lost the match. 🙂
I didn’t get a chance to try my batting but no plaints.. I prefer bowling n fielding over batting.
Soon after match had to rush to get my bike serviced. Had freshened up n took bike up for her long-awaited service.
Proceeded with my colleague elang to bank. In the meantime some other errands at Bank went not so fruitful. But yes a Good Full Unlimited Kerala Meals was one of the limelights of the day..
The Lunch was sumptuous at “Aramana Restaurant” in Subhanpura locality of Baroda. Went on hogging up the ishtu, kootukari, beans thoran and rice.
Had told my pal Manu that I shall be watching a movie for the weekend and a review would be put up on http://www.reviewgang.com but alas no movie for the day, since after the Lunch I was damn sleepy..
Went for a nice 3 hour sleep. Got up at about 5 and rushed to the service center to collect my bike. A 1.2k cashed out for all of the servicing done on her. (When I cite my bike as “her” I should have known! I shall be emptying my pockets more often for ‘her’) ..
Just as I had reached back home, I got a sms from leo asking when I’m starting to Ahmedabad.
Since I had nothing else to do (though I had a whole load of clothes piled up for washing, my roomie had all the buckets filled in with his n slept off without washing.. that really made me angry too)
So I started off to Ahmedabad.. By 7pm I was at Amit Nagar Char rasta waiting for the Express Way Bus to Ahmedabad.
A few calls from home kept me busy during the journey standing.. I had my March edition of reader’s Digest still to be completed for  the read. read it during my short bus trip.
It took the bus just about 1hour 40minute to reach Ahmedabad, Gita Mandir. By then Leo had asked me to join them (Leo [ http://twitter.com/startonomics ] , his roomie Nirav [ http://twitter.com/rrnirav ]and of course Leo’s better half as for now – Arjun [no twitter link ;P ]- his bike) to Vastrapur Lake area for dinner. Took an auto and proceeded to Vastrapur Lake. Reached the place at about 9.15 .. we had a nice Fruit Beer and jal jeera to start with and then sat down at “Jassi De Parathe” .. and as a gourmand I really like the Parathas… More like its a panache for parathas..Really loved the taste. We tried the Mixed Veg paratha, Corn-‘something’ paratha and cheese-mutter paratha.. tasted good with nice curd n pickle along with chopped onions. Then to end dinner had a veg biriyani (ordered by Leo) [We also discussed over Hyderabadi biriyani too] .. Later we three set off to Leo’s Den on Arjun (I hope he don’t mind me calling his home a Den! It’s a nice furnished flat actually..), Weather seemed to be better than Baroda’s… In between we stopped at a Soda Place near to Leo’s home. Nirav had to leave for his hometown that night for some function. Me n Leo in the meantime had a chat with Biju chettan [http://twitter.com/bijunarayan] .. he informed us of his hilarious moments with another twitterer from Mumbai 😛 (no mentions of that infamous name for sure) .. rest of the hour was spent talking, tweeting n all..
In between Leo made tea for both of us .. and later after he returned dropping Nirav, we chatted and planned for Mammootty starer movie “Chatambinadu” for Sunday.

March 28 (Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar)
The movie timing was 9.15am and so we set alarm for 7.30 .. Freshened up and after a tea we started off to R World Leisure World in the Gandhinagar Sarkhej Highway (Rajshri World – one of the very first Multiplex in Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar Area – Info by Leo) … Even though there is quite a good population of Keralites in Gujarat, its a pity that we don’t have movie releases here.. Even Tamil movies releases here on the very day of worldwide release. While on our way and when we waited for movie, Leo n I discussed of his trip to MountAbu with Nithin  [ http://twitter.com/nithinkd] and his bike ‘expedition’ trip to “Little Rann of Kutch” n about the locations n places of interest in and around Ahmedabad. We decided to take a look at Adalaj Step Well which is very near to the multiplex.
Chatambinadu though we knew how it fared in Kerala, we went to watch it. The movie was a mix n match of ‘Rajamanikyam’ n a few of other Mammootty flicks. Just a time pass movie. had our breakfast snack in between.. After the movie we started our journey on Arjun to Adalaj Step Well …

Adalaj Step Well – About 8 kms from Ahmedabad – was built sometime back in AD 1498 .. The design, construction and the craftsmanship on the area is beautiful. The intricate cuts n various symbolic representations were a nice sight. Some snaps were taken too..  [photos shall be uploaded soon .. already uploaded in twitpic too .. http://www.twitpic.com/1brxq7 … ]

We went back to Ahmedabad and had a biriyani at Paramount restaurant along with Lime Soda to cool off the heat. After a nice lunch we headed back to Leo’s place and en route we halted at Leo’s Office Axio Biosolutions at Memnagar [Website: http://sites.google.com/site/axiobio/ ] My mobile was dead and since I didn’t have a charger but a USB datacord, a Laptop was one feasible solution for Charging my Mobile. (Later it didn’t work out as planned and I had to buy a charger for 100 Rs) We watched a movie Acadamy Award Winning Movie “Fargo”… It was a good watch ..  A nice movie with a pinch of dark comedy. The screenplay was apt n interesting.. but I wondered of the accent.. Never been to Minneapolis and hence dunno the actual accent. The movie was watched along with a Fosters Beer and Chaka varuthathu (jackfruit chips)
Some shots of movie was fantastic – like the shot from the office down at the car parking area covered with snow – was truly a sight. by the time we finished off Jidesh (Leo’s friend – A scientist at ISRO Ahmedabad) called up for Dinner – After serious discussions over phone, on cuisines n places to visit, Leo n Jidesh decided on a place nearby.
The wait for dinner was long.. Pretty long say abt 45 minutes.. The place was more like a street side restaurant but food was good enough. The roti, butter chicken went well with thums up.
The fun part was the discussions n sharing tintumon stories [ http://www. tintumon .com/ ] .. We didn’t realise that we laughed n shared the jokes for more than one hour.
later Me n Leo went back and finished off the movie Fargo and then we slept off..

March 29 (Ahmedabad-Baroda)

Day started early, got up by 5 and get set for going back. Leo dropped me to the Gita mandir bus stand, had a tea together and then i started off back to Baroda back to Office…

And week was slightly busy.. Now u know y my post is delayed by about a week ..:P

2 thoughts on “A nice weekend spent ..

  1. Startonomics

    Menane, gud description. Amazing hw u write all these little details of a day…i cn never do tht. Keep writing.. enjoy reading journals 🙂

    reminds of my ex who had this habit of writing everything in a big diary….even after trying thru her friends and lots of pleading, i cud never get hold of it…. whts the use of writing a journal if none reads it. :P…

    so gud effort of writing’em in public..keep going 🙂


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