The Lull Period…

Hi all..
Its been a while since I’ve jotted down anything or shared my thoughts..
Its been quite busy at work and thus I’m in no mood to write something once I reach home.
IPL, watching TV n movies make my evening and then of course cooking dinner.
I’ll be back.. soon.. Very soon… Maybe by this weekend I shall share some more of my so called thoughts.. 😛
Weekend will be busy but then got to find time to write too..
My Plans for this weekend: Movie (1 or 2 maybe) , Playing Cricket, Bike Servicing, Hanging out with colleagues, Shopping and then the "real" world of social networking 🙂
Ah yes, I could jot down a movie review (Manu ll be happy too.. 😛 )

Got to go now.. Have a meeting to attend .. This week has been busy with these… so ll be the week ahead! 🙂
The worse part is preparing Minutes of the Meetings 😛 …
And as always Meetings never tend to yield an outcome!
There are more of open points than closing out on issues!
But work is worship .. No use being atheistical


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