Movie Review – LSD

Of the other off-beat (I tend to comply the message of standing out) movies made by the director Dibakar Banerjee(Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye) LSD doesn’t meet my expectations. Now expectations are people-specific. Thinking of the message conveyed through the movie, it just bluntly reflects the negativeness in the society and present day situations. And some just won’t take it! Personally I liked the movie. I’ve a few friends who didn’t like it at all.

Of the theme where Love, Sex and Dhoka are focussed on 3 different stories with all the 3 forming the ingredients of the said stories.. And the story that progresses and how all the 3 stories are interlaced would leave you slightly surprised.
The characters and the actors stands out. yes the entire cast performs extremely well. And along with them is a character that is indispensable: The Camera. Be it the hand held camera of Rahul, the CCTVs at the store, or the Spy Cam of Prabhat it has a life of its own and the Camera is what tells the story. Lets call it “A Camera’s Perspective” .. If any would notice, Camera lets us see what it want to show us, it makes us listen what it wants us to hear, and I felt it had feelings for the characters.
There is something else that is pointed out in all the three stories.. The society and how conservative it can get, the internet and its use n misuse on someone else’s life/privacy & the media and its deliberations on “scoops”.Also a hint on how a woman is being exploited in today’s world can be seen.
I never even once looked at my watch during the movie but was seeing the screen time running and the battery life left and had moments when I wondered whether I’ll miss on some events as it unfolds.
Overall I’ll give a good review for this movie as a “Good Watch”. I liked the cast, direction, screenplay.

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