Clocks and Weighing Machines

Weighing Machines (WM) and Clocks (C) are just the opposite! In every way possible…
They never go together..! Any doubts?
These are my observations..

WM: They moves in Anti-clockwise direction
C: They move in clockwise direction (Obvious)

WM: The more the dial turns anticlockwise the more u gain!!! (WEIGHT of course!!)
C: The more the dial turns clockwise the more u lose!!! (Should I mention that it is TIME?)

WM: They stop after a while within a few seconds (and thank god if it stops soon enough)
C: They never stop (Forget removing the battery / cells 😛 I’m talking about a working clock )
4. If you are looking for a weight loss, It’ll take time!
5. One just keeps on gaining weight in no time or very less time!
6. We can phrase something as “weight of time” but there is no meaning/idiom as to “time of weight”
7. However we can ” pull one’s weight”, “throw one’s weight around”, “carry the weight of world on one’s shoulder”

Weight loss can be difficult at times… Or even thinking about it! People spend more time thinking about weight loss rather than trying for it! 😛

I’ve come across 3 types of people when it comes to checking weights…
1. Who always worried of the weighing machine going on and not stopping… They always wish the weigh dial to stop as soon as possible and before the indicator previously shown…
2. Who never climbs on a weigh.. Coz they either know its self disparaging of the weight they have
3. Who always climbs in on the weigh but are confident in what they see or observe in the indicator! 😛

Please don’t ask me as to which group I fall? I’ve been in all the three groups in the past or present … And about the future? I’d say I wish I fall in the 3rd group once again! 😛
lol! 🙂


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