Getting Streched in Stress….!!!!!

Not many of us will agree that "I’ve a stress free life" .. We are stressed in life in a way or the other..
Psychologically speaking, stress a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense.
As in physics, its a force that produces strain on a physical body.
I’ve read elsewhere "stress is a vasoconstrictor" .. Our blood pressure goes high in case we are stressed! Also read elsewhere is about rush of Adrenaline caused by stress!
Stress has a few good "R"s as predecessors : Rules, Revisions, Responsibilities, Ratiocinations, Relations and maybe Riches….
So is stress a positive effect that brings in some zest and fervor? Or is it something that affects our health, relations or fun/enjoyment in life?
I am no doctor or physiologist .. But then stress shows following signs of which some I’ve felt myself (highlighted in bold)
Mental: Diffidence, blackouts, lack of assiduousness (u can read that as ‘concentration’ – used a thesaurus dictionary for alternate word and found this amusing! 😛 )
Emotional: Fear, Sadness, sense of inadequacy, moody, worrying excessively, bad temper,
Physical: Faster Heartbeats, sleep disruptions, loss of appetite or overeating, trembling, migraines
Behavioural: Distractions, loss of interest, acting aggressive or defensive, stammering, avoiding social gatherings/functions

Some people take stress negatively. They consume excessive alcohol, smoke, take drugs, have an orgy on food and hurt themselves.
This is nothing but hiding / masking the state or feeling of stress. This would bring nothing but maybe further emotional and financial onus of self, friends and beloved.

There could be other options for Stress busters as well..
But I’m not good to comment on those as I ve not implemented many of those or tried them and was successful to binge the stress factor…
Some of them I have come across are;
Managing one’s time by meticulous planning (But my plans never tend to work the way it should! 😛 )
Setting realistic targets and work according to ability and interests (Wonder how many of us work to our "interests"? 🙂 )
Speaking to someone (Ah that’s what I try to do! and It works! yes it does! )
Keeping a positive attitude towards life!
Interactions with pals n family … 🙂
Follow your heart – ur hobbies… finding time for yourself..
Listening to Music, Dancing as if no one is watching (not while @ offices plz.. !! ) … Also oneirism (daydreaming) works too.. 🙂
And my favorite: Smile the blues away.. and take a break .. Stretch yourself and go for a Stroll.. and relax…

And if none of these work, Counselling is also an option! 😛 …. (And in case of men: if the counsellor is a beautiful women, you’ve lost it! 😛 )

For Checking as to how stress affects you, I came across this and found it very useful!
You should try it too… Answer them as to "Always", "Sometimes" and "Never"
Do you feel that you always have to live up to others’ expectation?
Do you suffer from sweaty palms?
Do you find it hard to say no when you are asked to accept more tasks to do?
Do you feel tired all the time?
Do you suffer from shortness of breath?
Do you constantly feel sad?
Do you have trouble eating?
Do you suffer from chest pains or tightness?
Do you find it difficult to pause and enjoy the simplicity of life?
Do you find that you are not able to concentrate on your tasks?
Do you suffer from sleepless nights or find it hard to sleep through the night, often waking up feeling tired?
Do you suffer from palpitations or tightness in the chest or stomach cramps?
Do you suffer from frequent digestive problems like constipation or indigestion?
Do you grind your teeth or clench and unclench your fists?
Do you find it hard to set aside time to have fun and enjoy yourself?

If your answers are more of "Always" & "Sometimes" I needn’t tell more…


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