Surprise Surprise!!!

How many of us like surprises?

How many of us like to surprise others?

How many of us have been surprised by someone in life?

How many of us have been greeted with “SURRPRISSEE!!!!”?

There would be not many who would say NO to this… Coz we all love surprises…

Unlike other human emotions like Love which lasts longer 😛 , Surprises as an emotion happens over a period of seconds…

Surprise is nothing but an unexpected experience which could further lead to joy, fear or maybe confusion.

Wonder how many have experienced (by self or seen from others) the raised eyebrows, a sweet short shrills and dropped jaws!

At least if not for the dropped jaws, the raised eyebrows are a sure shot sign of surprise!!

When it comes to surprises we prefer those which lead to Joy and Pleasure… Such surprises do remain in memory for a lifetime.

When was the last time I was surprised and that moment which I’ll never forget?

Ah yes… My Mobile.. I got a Sony Ericsson P1i for my birthday (that was 2 yrs back – anyone reading/listening? )…

And when did I really surprise someone? I’ve no clue! That’s surprising enough!!! Aww!

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