Com + Promise = Compromise ??!!!

We have our promises to keep…
When we make a Promise, We have to keep it…
Naah, it’s of no re-sale value of course… Just Keep it.. 🙂 …
It’s an inventory that has a very long shelf value.
And the worst part is, the person who asked us to make one n keep it never forgets.. She/he always remembers! There is no use hiding… 😛
A promise is looked up when someone feel/sense inappropriateness in the other person’s actions / intentions.
In life the three effects that are linked to Promise are Trust, Heart and Relation. Never Break a Promise coz it’ll eventually lead to Broken Trust, Broken Heart and a Broken Relation. Promise is nothing but a matter of Trust.
But when it comes to compromising on something we are so used to.. It will take time… I’d not say it’s impossible.. It is really possible.. But time is required to do so, to adjust… One cannot just shut her/him down in a moment.. They’ll require time to understand the priorities and set them straight.
Getting back to what I feel about a Promise and Compromise…
Equation shall be
Where COM = C + O + M
C = Condition
O = Obligation
M = Malady / Maladroit / Manage so on… (Coz there are so many “Mis_______“ words in our English)

Life is all about Compromises … But when it comes to a Promise, all we have to be sure of is the conditions put up or to be considered, the obligation to do / execute the conditions and manage/mismanage the malady / desperate condition that we are supposed to in the Promise we make.

I think I should stop coz I’m not sure what n where this is leading to!

Requests all to comment on Promises and Compromises! Of what you think about keeping Promises, rather than commenting about my post. 😛

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