Expect This!!

Getting irritated or being upset isn’t uncommon. Many times we get upset with someone at office for the person wasn’t doing his/her job, upset at a pal or partner for he/she not rising to the circumstances, irritated at our Parents for their non-stop propositions on our life (when their child misbehaves they too might be annoyed, I never know as of now :P), irritated when someone doesn’t do things the way we’re used to or when the meticulous planning we did for some work never took its flight and remain grounded.

This has been a regular occurrence in human life and we call it our experience!!!

Many of us have these little annoyances…

(A few things that irritate me are when bikers overtaking me of traffic, or when people talking or when walking past in between or during a movie, or when being late to reach places on time, or they don’t wash their dishes after eating.)

It isn’t always easy to find tranquility when you are stressed, upset or irritated. Many times this would have been factual to all of us. We have been through it all…

All we got to do is: expect things to go wrong, expect things to be different than we hoped or planned, expect the unexpected to happen.

Like when one goes for a trip, just to expect things to go wrong — they always do on a trip. All we got to do is to see it as part of the escapade. And thus we won’t get too bothered. (This happened to me two weeks back. I missed my flight because of delay in Bus due to a traffic jam I have never experienced beforehand. I was not upset since I had a different experience with my baggage. Just that now it was not the baggage but the passenger himself who had this ordeal. I was bothered about the loss for my first time; however for the second time I believe I was stronger! 😛 )

The vase is already cracked but not shattered yet…

So, someday when a nice vase that we bought unavoidably falls and breaks, we get upset. But not if we see it as an already cracked one, from the day we got it. If we realise it’ll break someday, just see it as already broken from the very beginning. We got to envisage the future of this vase, from the very moment until it inevitably breaks. And when it breaks, one won’t be upset or sad – because it was already broken, from the very first day. Every moment one have in life with ‘it’ is precious. That’s what we come to realise.

We shouldn’t get so upset when something is a mess up, when people don’t do what they’re “supposed” to do … because they’re supposed to mess up.

Expect things to go not according to plan.

Expect a partner to be less than perfect.

Expect a pal to not show up at times.

Expect people to be rude at times.

Expect associates not to come through at times.

Expect roomies not to wash their dishes or pick up their clothes, sometimes.

Expect the vase to break. And just accept the truth.

One can’t change these inevitable facts – they will happen, eventually.

And if one expects it to happen- see it as already happening, even before it happens- one won’t get so upset. One won’t overreact but respond appropriately.

We can talk to that person about their conduct, and ask them kindly to mull over your feelings when they do this … but we won’t be exceedingly poignant and drive things out of proportion.

We’ll smile, and think, “I expected that to happen. The vase was already broken. And I admit that.”

PS: All of these are written by me! However, some sentences have been put down without the consent of the “citer” and now please don’t ask me “Who is that person?”

A thought before I end: Expectations also arise due to curiosity! Find and Smash that bl**dy cat!


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