A stranger note to self!

Things should never be taken for granted.. never ever..

What seems to be yours is never yours… As its said u come into this world empty handed, u go out empty handed.. Whats in between all this is nothing but what can be compared to a mirage in the middle of deserts..

There are things in your mind and you want to shout it out.. but the one thing that comes into your mind along is how and what others will feel about it or you… Justifications.. Thats the word.. One tries to justify his thoughts, words, actions, inactions and what not…

A man’s mind is more or less like a closed cardboard box and his thoughts a burning candle inside. Candle somehow finds enough air to sustain within and it always heat up the box (mind) … The light of candle is still intact, never gets out.. But what gets out is the heat and smoke… One has to cut the box loose… But should ensure it doesn’t tear apart the box completely.. The protection that it has given to candle from external influences ll be no more then… A candle inside a closed box or a candle in open have no value.. What is left behind is just smoke n heat..

Sh**.. I just wrote that??


One thought on “A stranger note to self!

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