Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I had always thought “Hello World!” is restricted just to C Language ..

And here I’m welcomed yet again by WordPress in this manner ..:)

Its a real good feeling to have to start on something new..

But starting things are easy, sustaining them is the most difficult part.

I’m not used to be stuck to something for long.. Except for some very special reasons..

I had an earlier blog.. QuestionMarksAnswers …What a name?!! It doesn’t make sense..even after my so called justifications. 🙂

A Question has to be answered.. Every question has an answer.. That was my idea.. But never the thought came to my mind that who is evaluating the answers.. For you if the answer seems right, it needn’t be so for another person..

World is so biased.. So selfish..

World itself thrives on one characteristic: “SELFISHNESS” ..

I’ve always heard/read that one has to write on things to the subject.. Well I just keep on writing what came to my mind..

Btw I’m also shouting out to the Whole Beautiful World: “Helloooooo” 🙂


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