The procedure

The day arrived. I decided it is time to do it. Well, I had the option to choose the date. The time however was based on appointment only. So much was the demand for the specialist I had to accept based on his availability.

The procedure has been simple. It always has been. There would be no pre-process required like others. I have been attending this procedure, more so regularly.

Someone or somethings just grow on you, some grow with you.

I waited impatiently, tensed or worried of the outcome maybe. I shouldn’t be worried anyways since he is the expert, doing this over and over on so many people every single day.

He even has his assistants but they are mere spectators or have seen them help him with his apparatus. Some day they might take over. Someone has to.

My time is now.  His eyes smiled at me, recognizing me as I am a frequenter. He might have smiled too, but his smile was veiled by the mask he wore. We very briefly exchanged pleasantries.

Across the table, my reflection stared at me in the mirror hanging on the wall. He then helped me take off my glasses, and I saw myself faded to a blur.  As I got ready, he spread a white sheet over me. I didn’t speak any further. He nodded his head and I closed my eyes, the light around and above me seemed brighter than before. Almost immediately he began.

I listened to the murmur of his whatchamacallit. I could feel them fondling my follicles.

I stayed calm, didn’t want to open my eyes, call it blind faith in him. Just as I slip into sleep, he pats me & says, “Its done.”

I looked across and through my glasses, reflection of a “new person” smiled back.

My haircut looked good. The Barber / Hair specialist did his job well to my satisfaction.

I thanked him, walking out with a lighter head and much lighter wallet.

Four Years of Baroda….

Thus post was in my drafts since September 2013..

Its been four years since I joined this firm in Baroda.. 4 years… Long time! eh! I’ve been a good boy around 😛 And I feel Baroda was pretty good to me too! .. yes except for the traffic sense and cattle on road issues, everything seems ok.. ! hmmmm. coz odd traffic caused bruises n scratches on the Car & Cattle on road handed me a “heavier” left arm … So its been 4 years… and I think its time to move on… time to look out for new place n new challenges… But I’m just not sure as to where to.. Now that I’ve more/greater responsibilities, things should be lined up soon for the better.

Book Review : The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I’ve to admit: This is one of the very few books I’ve read more than once…!

Many will agree that Men are better in controlling their emotions (especially being sad). Towards the end, in harmony, I was both smiling and also my eyes whirling with emotions. And did I mention Goose bumps ?

In this book, Death is portrayed as a rational character. The story is recounted by Death and when death speaks, one has to listen.
Are we really haunted by death? Think again.
Even death has a heart.
Or as Death quotes:
“It kills me sometimes, how people die.”

Okay! he is a character, so how do you imagine Death to be? He clarifies:
“I do not carry a sickle or scythe. I only wear a hooded black robe when it’s cold. And I don’t have those skull-like facial features you seem to enjoy pinning on me from a distance. You want to know what I truly look like? I’ll help you out. Find yourself a mirror while I continue”

The story is all about words and people. And provides a different perspective of how World War II affected people in Germany.

The story is about Liesel Meminger, the protagonist & The Book Thief, living in Himmel Street^, Molching* near to Munich with her foster parents Rosa & Hans Hubermann**. The story is about Max Vandenburg, the Jewish fist fighter who seeks asylum at Hubermann residence endangering lives of all. The story is about dynamic Rudy Steiner (and his friendship in difficult times) and about Ilsa Hermann (who finds solace in her library & her memories). A distinct correlation to all these characters are “they are fighters” in one way or the other.

No World War II associated story is complete if Hitler or Mein Kampf is not mentioned. And author (through Max) portrays the rise of Hitler strikingly.

“There was once a strange, small man. He decided three important details about his life:
· He would part his hair from the opposite side to everyone else.
· He would make himself a small, strange mustache.
· He would one day rule the world.
…Yes, the Fuhrer decided that he would rule the world with words. “

Author’s imagination has no bounds. Characters & their emotions come alive and you become a companion to Death in all the happenings. Though suspense is broken ahead of actual incidents, it is never a deterrent.

In the company of living characters are many objects/items that form a formidable backdrop in the story: the books, and journals of Max, library, the accordion, soup, paint, pieces of bread and last but not the least “the little black book of lined pages”

There are many more to say. But “words” fail me to explain the depth of the story. However its better you go grab your copy and read it (maybe re-read it too).

This is not a book for fast read… this is not a book with happy endings… In short this is not a book for teenagers: P
My rating 4.95/5 (0.05 withheld for making me sad: P )

End Notes:

**Hubermann: The character of Hubermann (Both Rosa & Hans) could be justified as an exceptional indicator to Über-man or Übermensch which relates to concept of Super Human or the superior race by Nazis. Rosa & Hans definitely displayed care and love well above any average human during the time of War & struggle.

I also took some time to google on the locations mentioned:

*Molching: This is an imaginary town. Could be based on Olching near to Munich

^Himmel Street: Himmel is a German word meaning heaven or sky. Himmel Street in this book is the alternative reality of Himmelstrasse which were the roads that lead to some of the Jewish Concentration Camps / Extermination Chambers.

“I’m not stubborn or a fighter-cock, I’m a simple scared first time mommy… I’m scared of people who handle my baby as much as I’m scared of infections… Deciding between cotton nappies to modern diapers seems like a major decision… its all coz I am … a first time mommy”

Guest Post/Quote: by First time mommy (Mrs. SPMenon 🙂 )

An Update is An Update :)

No visits to my blog or writing blogs for quite some time..  A broken arm and recuperating from the fractures took its sweet time.

Laziness had me… Like a ”ithil kanni” I sat on bed watching TV soaps, Movies, thrilling EPL weekends, IPL matches and so on which completed my evenings and otherwise my day was tied up with loads of work… Reading was sidelined for a while too… Life of Pi and The Book Thief dragged on and on… they became my partners in bed.. I slept with them by my side. I did find time to read the blogs that I Follow… but as always I never commented back..

I did observe that my laziness and arm condition (which is a reason for no more playing games on weekend!s) was causing additional cover to my existing “single pack” grow bigger. Who cares… I’m not obese.. just not yet 😛

I waited eagerly for End May to come.. I was waiting for my promotion.. I made sure and really felt that I’m all set for all new responsibilities that will come along. I am still excited.

And talking of promotion, On 30th May, my future was handed over to me in my arms. And what a feeling that was…And I guess excitement was not mine alone, my baby boy too seemed excited seeing me. I started feeling more and more responsible.. Life is on a new high with bigger dreams to achieve.

That’s all for an Update 🙂

ithil kanni – (malayalam) for Loranthus,Mistletoe – A parasitic plant

Book Review: The Oath of the Vayuputras

The 3rd book of trilogy is here.. And yes it has the most befitting end to the series…

If you have read  The Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas then you definitely might’ve already bought this book by now. If not then what are you waiting for? Buy it!! Others, buy all the three books now!


Fight against evil continues.. Realizing what is evil and how it is dealt with forms the core of the story.

Reader is grasped by the events unfolding. (It is recommended to keep Book 2 nearby, just in case.. :P)

When one uses their imagination rightly to combine archaeology,  history, mythology and science to write a book.. you get a pretty good book to read! That’s just what author has been able to achieve!…

Pace of story is just apt almost throughout, though tends to slow its pace at certain areas.
But then detailing given to the battle sequences (some  are a bit lengthy), locations etc is brilliant.There are instances when reader is elevated to a state of joy, sadness, respect etc., as if he feels for the characters in the book.

There are some lighter moments, some parts that makes you think, some moments even enthralls you, even might give you goosebumps!

Book provides nuances on life, love, human emotions, devotion, principles, faith, courage and so on.

I will definitely appreciate author for his study carried out including historical, geographical and cultural backgrounds of what would have been during those ages. His assumptions and possible scientific reasoning that would’ve been in use, is thought provoking (I didn’t find any problem in relating those comparisons 🙂 ). Religious ideologies of Zoroastrianism and Hinduism is put forward to reciprocate on one’s purpose in life by the author (who have been an atheist for sometime of his life’s journey.)

Mortal beings are subjected to emotions. And in midst of emotions one takes steps that decides his or her fate. Shiva characterization is complete. However Sati steals the show! (hmmm.. Now talk about women empowerment.).

I am not that fully satisfied considering: involvement of “Vayuputras” to the extent that the book’s title reflects; some particular characters were given significance in initial buildup but never reached anywhere; and with the end (author could’ve made it hmm… lets say a bit more thrilling.)

Nevertheless a good read! My Rating: 4/5

For all those who would like to buy the book, buy it quick… and for those who do not intend to buy the book and needs to know the story check-in here

PS: The end cites what Author Amish is possibly planning to write about next… 🙂

PPS: Karan Johar ll ve huge trouble to work out the movie 🙂